Thursday, October 18, 2012

thankful thursday {link up}

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This Thursday I am thankful for...

1) A house that is still standing.  This past Sunday we had a little fire scare at our house.  Basically, long-story-short... the power lines on our street had a huge power surge that all went directly into our house and caught the side of the house on fire.  We weren't home at the time, but thankfully my next door neighbor was, and she heard the fire from her house and came to the rescue.  She put the fire out with her extinguisher and called the fire department.  We are beyond thankful for her.  This would have been an entirely different story if she had not been home.  This little scare has really made me pause and count my blessings this week.

2) Sidewalk chalk.  I had a fun little Saturday chalk date with this adorable kiddo this past weekend.  He and his mom are staying with us for a while and he recently found my stash of long-forgotten sidewalk chalk.  I mean, does one ever get too old for sidewalk chalk??  I highly doubt it.

3) Girls' game night.  Nothing beats a night of Mellow Mushroom pizza and Mexican Train dominoes... especially with great company.  This past weekend I enjoyed a fabulous night with the girls... catching up and laughing until we cried... can't beat it.

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Connie said...

First off: WOW! About your house! What a Blessing that it was stopped in time by your neighbor! Secondly! I am so glad to be back! I love your list!!! I LOVE SIDEWALK CHALK! I think I use my kids as an excuse to use it... it's sooo much fun!!!

Glad your home and you are safe!

Have a great THURSDAY!!!!

OneMommy said...

Oh my goodness!
How scary!
I'm glad your house is okay. Thank goodness for neighbors!

And that little guy is adorable! Nope - never too old for sidewalk chalk!

Johane Levesque said...

Never too old for sidewalk chalk... Someone I know very well still sleeps with his stuffed dinosaur. He's nearly 40. And I love him for it. ;)

Sylvia Phillips said...

I am so thankful that the fire was not more serious. On a lighter note- when my babies were newborns our date night was to get the other kids into bed have the teenagers babysit while we packed the new baby in the car seat and drove 20 miles to the nearest dunkin donuts drive thru!!

Ladi Da said...

What a fun link-up! Thanks for hosting. I'm your newest follower.

Christiana said...

Oh my! Thank God the fire was put out before anything serious happened. Good to have great neighbors and so glad you ok. That looks and sounds scary.

Girls night. I miss those nights. They don't come by very often for me anymore. Definitely something to be thankful for, great friends.


Anonymous said...

NEVER too old for sidewalk chalk :)